Tech–2405: Genomic Lab for Cancer Looking for Strategic Partner

Tech-2405: Genomic Lab for Cancer Looking for Strategic Partner

Cutting Edge Technology – Explosive Growth Potential

This three-year old genomic testing laboratory for cancer with cutting-edge technology offers reliable and comprehensive solutions for prevention and treatment of this disease. It can run tests on samples on blood or saliva samples.

The Company is looking for a strategic partner that has experience and contacts in this industry, and can put capital and resources to fuel and support its rapid growth.

In 2018, the revenue was $2.0M and EBITDA was about 500K. For 2019, it is forecasting a revenue of $6.4M and EBITDA of $3.1M, based on the Cancer Genomic testing only and it has plans to expand into other related areas.


• Offers most comprehensive panel of inherited cancers and only one that covers all 11 hereditary cancers
• Constantly fine-tuning the panel to add or subtract genes for most meaningful assays
• One of few labs that offers tests for hereditary cancers and tumors at the same place
• One of 6 labs capable of doing a test for determining probability of recurrence of breast cancer
• Capability to test blood or saliva samples from all 50 states
• Excellent Reimbursement
• Network of qualified distributors in place
• In network with Humana-Tricare and will be admitted to commercial networks after CAP accreditation
• Large Library of Bioinformatics data to work with Pharma companies for drug development
• Connections in place to expand into Latin America and Middle East Markets
• Capability to develop new bioinformatics pipelines for data analysis for other diagnostic and treatment routes
• Expertise to develop and implement other molecular analyses including personalized medicine as well as non-healthcare opportunities


  • Revenue: $2.5M in 2018, EBITDA $500K. Forcasting revenue of $6.4M and EBITDA of $3.1M in 2019.
  • Assets: Investment of $1 million in equipment
  • Net Margins of 45-50%
  • Explosive Growth potential
  • Expects solid increase in valuation
  • One of the few smaller labs with this capability and potential for growth
  • CLIA-accreditation; working on CAP-accreditation
  • Enterprise Valuation: Negotiable
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