SOLD: TECH-2424: CAP/CLIA Pathology Lab in Midwest

SOLD: TECH-2424: CAP/CLIA Pathology Lab in Midwest

Anatomic Path Lab with NY, CA Licenses, Major Payor Contracts


This 35-year old laboratory in a major metro city in the mid-west is well-known for its podiatry specialty. Moreover, it has CAP and CLIA accreditations, is able to serve all states, and has very difficult to obtain NY and CA licenses. NY  in particular, often takes 2-3 years and so for someone who has a substantial business  coming from NY, this lab could be quite valuable. Moreover, the Lab also comes with some       valuable in-network insurance contracts including BCBS, United, Aetna, Humana, Tricare,       Medicare and several Medicaids. The Lab just passed CAP inspection in March, 2018 with         no observations or deficiencies.

The Lab does have some revenues and is profitable, but the value of the lab comes from its NY and CA state licenses and payor contracts, and would be a relatively low-cost acquisition for companies that have existing potential business that can be monetized due to these licenses including those in NY and CA, and payor contracts, and can therefore realize a very quick return on their investment.

We feel the ideal buyers would be those that lack the state licenses such as NY and CA and can benefit from in-network contracts.


In addition to its licenses and insurance contracts, its hard assets include New AP Easy LIS ($10,984), integration with Practice Fusion ($12,995), Tissue Tek Embedding Center, Leitz 1512 Microtome, VIP 1000 Tissue Processor, Lipshaw Slide Dryer/Blower, Olympus Microscope BX40.


The Lab is a full-service anatomic pathology lab specializing in podiatric medicine. It issues reports on a variety of specimens from the lower limbs including but not limited to: Bone, cysts, tumors, skin, soft tissue, nails, and foreign bodies. Our pathology reports assist in the treatment of degenerative issues, malignancies, fungus of the nail and skin, tendonitis, verrucae, or any other diseases Oxidants)


The Lab is located in an office/medical building and has 600 sq. ft. area. The current rental agreement is month to month with $500 per month rent, making it easier if someone wants to move this lab.


Revenue: $206K
: Licenses+payor contracts+~$100K hard assets
Offered Debt-free

Disclaimer: Technologypark has not independently verified any of the information in these descriptions, and makes no warranty as to their accuracies or completeness. The Buyers should do the necessary due diligence and consult their advisors.

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