OFF_MARKET:Tech-2447: Very Profitable, Fast-growing Microbial and Environmental Testing Lab

 OFF MARKET Tech-2447: Very A Profitable Microbial, Food, and Environmental Testing Lab in Western US. This 10-year old lab provides a. Microbial Testing: Identifying contaminants assures the safety and efficacy of consumer products such as medicines and disinfectants, b. Food Testing: Specializing in hazardous food testing verification and cottage food Class A and Class B testing, c. Environmental Monitoring: Monitoring clean rooms are where medicines, medical devices, biologics, and therapeutics are manufactured, and d. Water Testing: Testing of water used for manufacturing pharmaceuticals and injectable medicines and drinking water for public safety and food manufacturing. The Lab is growing rapidly and had a very fast growth in 2018.  Financials: Gross Revenue: $2.5 M, EBITDA: ~$1M (2017). Seller has temporarily withdrawn this lab from the market.

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