Our Services

Our consulting services include

  • Intermediary Services – Help business buyers and sellers in select verticals
  • Value Builder Services – As Certified Value Builder practitioners, we help businesses become more valuable and sellable ( (see details)
  • Real Estate Services in Select Industries: Helping Client find Medical, Pharma, and Research Real Estate (see our marketplace)
  • Business Development Services – finding distributors / strategic or licensing partners
  • Other Services – Includes help in contract development and manufacturing, clinical testing

Intermediary Services

We help sellers in select verticals find qualified buyers for their business. As part of this process, we also create marketing material, analyze financials, and help with valuation.

We bring the following advantages to the table:

  • We focus only on markets and industries we are familiar with – so we understand needs of our buyers and sellers
  • We have created very visible marketplaces in each of these verticals which serve both sellers and buyers. In addition, we are premium members in some of the most popular business sites, providing a wide exposure to our seller clients
  • With buyer registration and industry research, we have created excellent databases of prospects for each focus industry. These include companies, professionals, entrepreneurs and private equity groups
  • We also cooperate with other like-minded intermediaries for the benefit of both, buyers and sellers
  • Most importantly, we take client confidentiality very seriously, and all our marketing is very discreet

Contact us if you are looking to sell your business or looking to buy.

Our MarketPlaces

For our intermediary services, we also have created several marketplaces. Each of these focus on a niche area and bring many opportunities (acquisition, licensing, partnering) in one place. We will continue to enhance these and add more services.

These are our current marketplaces:

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