Technology Showcase

Currently, we would like to showcase a few technologies of our client companies which are available for acquisition / licensing.

Licensing / Buying Opportunities

Disclaimer: has not independently verified any of the information in these descriptions, and makes no warranty as to their accuracy or completeness.

We are actively seeking commercialization/licensing/marketing/distribution and/or investment for following technologies:

Biomedical / Diagnostic Technologies

Cervical Cancer Diagnostics – Improved Easy-to-Do Pap Smear Test

An easy to do, biomarker-based test for detecting cervical cancer was developed by years of painstaking research and development. Unlike conventional pap smear, the biomarker turns cancerous and pre-cancerous cells into distinct red color, leaving normal cells blue. Excellent co-relation in many studies. Positive slides can be checked by trained pathologist via teleradiology. Comes with a simple smart phone app allows for the transmission of pictures for teleradiology. This is ideal for developing countries where there are limited resources of trained personnel. The test also allows self-sampling using an inexpensive device.

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Devices for Dry Mouth Treatment

Our client has found an innovative, non-invasive, effective, and cost-effective solution to treat dry mouth (xerostomia) and is now seeking licensing / strategic partners to market their devices worldwide.

Dry mouth, a condition affecting more than 80 million people in the high-income countries, is a chronic and mostly irreversible condition induced as a side effect by over 1,800 commonly used medications, radiation therapy for head & neck cancer, and by auto-immune diseases and other conditions. The world market for dry mouth is about USD 6 Billion. Dry mouth affects significantly the patient’s quality of life and induces handicapped chewing, swallowing and speaking, bad breath, sleep disturbance, excessive tiredness, decreased enjoyment of life, and consistent negative effects on patient’s day-to-day lives. Furthermore, the teeth are exposed to high decay rate.

The Company has addressed this problem by developing two products for the dentist’s market, while a third direct-to-consumer product is in development. The principle behind it islow-levell electro-simulation for short periods of times (a few minutes a day) to oral tissues and at a level below what a patient can feel/sense it. The company’s products are protected by five patents.

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Oral Fluid Diagnostic Platform Technologies

Our client aims to take a leadership position in advancing access to medical care by becoming the leader in the field of oral fluid diagnostics and developing innovative diagnostic and monitoring tools enabling expansion of testing by healthcare providers. The company has expertise in extensible oral fluid platform technologies for both point-of-care and central laboratory settings. The initial focus will be to build on its early experience and success in developing and manufacturing an oral fluid HIV diagnostic test. The Company will then broaden its range of diagnostic products to replace classical blood-based testing and raise the standard of care by targeting the US and European diagnostic markets, the largest in the world.

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Pharmaceutical Technologies

Granulocyte Infusion – Intriguing Possibility of Curing Cancer

We have an exciting collaboration / licensing opportunity for potential treatment (or possibly a cure) for cancer. This invention has had 100% success in studies in mice, very promising results in pre-clinical, in vitro human studies. If this can be translated in human therapy, then the treatment or cure for many cancers will be not that far off in the future.

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