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Welcome to! We are a marketplace for licensing of technologies and buying and selling of businesses. We try and provide you with a wide array of acquisition and licensing opportunities in our focus areas. Our vision is to provide you with tools and services so that buying and selling of businesses becomes a lot easier.

Focus Areas

We are focused on following areas:

Consulting Services

Our services include

For these we have created several marketplaces:

Our services are described in more detail here.


We bring a wide variety of global opportunities in each of our marketplaces - both interesting technologies available for licensing or acquisition opportunities. More importantly we focus only on areas where we have direct industry experience. It is this domain expertise combined with our business knowledge that provides the greatest value to both buyers and sellers.

We believe in helping others, in honesty and integrity, and we always put clients' interests above ours. Our reputation and long-term relationships are much more important to us than short-term gains.

For Buyers

If you are a buyer, by offering you a wide variety of choices, we save you time. Our domain expertise combined with our business knowledge means that we understand what you are looking for and can try and help you find the right opportunity.

If we do not have an opportunity that you are looking for, please contact us, and we can try and find it for you and contact you when we do have a good match.

For Sellers

Our domain and business expertise means that we can market your company or technology effectively. We are technologists ourselves, and passionate about technologies. So we speak and understand your language.

Many of our marketplaces have very high visibility and show up near the top of many keyword searches. We also have registered buyers looking for specific opportunities.

Our services include:

If you are looking to find buyers for your business or technology in one of our focus areas, we would love working with you. Contact us today.

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